as vibes evolve…

i’m not sure about most people, but some of us greatly depend on the vibes we get from others..

ever got vibes over the internet..? yeah, it’s freaky….guess that’s what you get for being part of this generation…your brain has calculated the millions of ways and the people you have interacted with over the internet and has set up it’s own set of formulae about who acts how, when, where, why, what it most likely indicates and all that and more…

so it’s not too tough to work on vibes online….. of course i would still say that vibes obtained over face to face interaction are far more valid…..and may make more sense…but if some one has not met a lot of people and most of his/her friends are online or pen pals…then maybe it’ll be a different story…

it’s weird then, when after knowing some one for a couple of years and things change, and the person and you yourself change, and then you need to let go of old vibes…

i never looked at it this way…and it’s a little tough to come to terms with this because sometimes …or most of the time, it’s the vibes that draw people close to you….you connect from that point on…but back then you both were different people… but a lot was based on that first meeting…the first connection you actually made with that person….

and then as time goes on, with many of the people you got to know and got close to, you realize that you have to let go of those vibes and those initial connections…they have changed, and there’s nothing wrong with that… if you met them now, they would probably give off slightly different vibes and its okay…. soemtimes the difference may come simply out of the fact that you ‘know’ them now….so the vibe is more an illusion…or it may be also because the person has actually changed to that extent….

and it can get hard to let go at times..sometimes you want to hold on to those initial vibes and all that you thought they would bring with them and realized that they won’t….

oh welll…

here’s the prodigy….i would bake them a cake everyday if they asked me to…


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