remember to be forgotten

all that you do, or set out to do, for someone because you just know what you just must do for that person may be rewarded with a thank you from them, a hug, and equal amount of reward…or nothing at all….it may very well be forgotten…

remember to be forgotten…be ready to be forgotten…

i think if you take it upon yourself to help some one out you must aslo digest the fact you may never get anything back….

if you can’t…then don’t do it…don’t worry that doesn’t make you a horrible person…you’re only horrible if you literally, willingly shit on some one….literally and figuratively …

it’s better to not do anything than to do something in hopes of getting something back and then criticizing the world for not giving you anything for your ‘goodness’….

if you believe in karma then maybe you will be rewarded in some way….

all depends on what you believe…maybe somehting good was going to happen to you anyway,but you’d like to attribute it to karma…. having said all this…

i don’t believe altruism really exists….what i do believe is, that different people value things differently…..for some a reward is something big or equal to what they gave some one… others it may be a simple smile…to see the person reap the benefits of something they helped them out with, and for others it is simply self satisfaction of having thought a bit more about some one else than themselves…..

that means in the end, depending on what we value, we do something good, because we get somehting in return…. what we want to get in return and how much we are driven by what we will get in return depends on what we value…

and thats not a bad thing at all…..i just think no alturism really exists, no act is purely selfless and the survivors in us make us selfish…..doing good things for your children or loved ones all for their sake and yours …maybe there’s an exception there…or maybe that’s just to ensure that a bit of your ‘tribe’ or community is carried on..for the ‘us’ and not purely for the ‘you’…then the survivors in us are grouply termed than individualls, but ultimately we then still are selfish..right…at least i think so…even taking the ‘community’ and ‘family’ into consideration…it will be about ‘my/our community’ and ‘my /our community’….

so all in all i’m just saying that, whatever the size of the reward,when people do something good, they hope to get something back…and they are driven by what they get back….the give and take thing, is a motivation…..and depending on the person this motivation may be intrinsic or extrinsic…

take me to your leeeeaaader….


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