foggy clarity

we long for clarity….it feels good…it is needed….and you need it to hit you, to again get some breathing room…

but sometime it’s like some one throwing a bucket of sand on the fire…it puts it out…but then you’re left to clean the mess that’s coloured ash-grey and black and brown..

ever had that? when you need clarity to come by, and it comes alright….full fledged, and it hits you hard …and the mass of clarity , is so huge, that it leaves your mind feeling foggy… leaves your mind in a daze because of all the new information it needs to process, accept and apply.

ha! yeah i bitch when there is no clarity and i bitch when there is…

if i un-bitch this…i’ll say i’m scared….

in a weirdly good way all this clarity scares me….it shows how bad i can get..just how out character i can get when things i lose clarity…..i take ‘fucking up’ to a whole other level…and wow is it shameful….

but what do we do with shame?

piss on it,

burn it,

learn from it…

live, learn, trip, stumble, look stupid, pick yourself up and learn right? right… to stop speaking and start acting…


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