no laughter = professionalism

saadia has some of the funniest stories….and i love to laugh….so we make a perfect team as volunteers at this hospital…..ok that’s not the only reason, obviously….we work well together…balance out the work, and complete the shit whether it’s boring or interesting…

am i glad to have her around..? hell yeah..

the other day we were cracking up over some crazy story of hers….and a colleague told us that at some point they were told that our department laughs too much….we need to not laugh….not even in the low pitch….customers have a problem with it , it seems…

laugh too much?

i made a very “what the fuck?!” face at my colleague…and she said softly….it’s not professional….

it’s not professional?


it’s a fucking hospital…the place is depressing as it is….it’s teal-green and blue….i’m not sure why hospital resort to such grim colours…but they do….patients have to wait quite a while to see the doctors and technicians…..the tv screens were recently removed, for hell knows what reason, and even when the t.v. was playing…there was barely ever anything interesting unless you like to stare at moving images with no sound….i like to… was entertaining for a while…..

the drab description mentioned above….is unprofessional according to me…..yes, at this place they do provide quality healthcare….healthcare….caring for the damage that’s already been done…..but the extent to damage done is also greatly influenced by psychological well being… don’t need a shrink to tell you that…or help you lead a happier and healthier life….. mental state matters, whether you like the fact or not.

it’s common sense…you feel good, mentally…it’s most likely that physically you’ll feel good…unless you found yourself trapped in some trap created by Jigsaw (from Saw, in case you were wondering)

and when you see people laughing….unless they are pointing at you and doing so….doesn’t it make you smile? i mean, don’t you feel good? doesn’t it brighten up your day?

i honestly don’t think professionalism has anything to do with freaking laughing…

and it’s plain ridiculous that laughter should ever be an issue …

so laugh out loud….really loud….


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