Dear Mr. Welsh,

you must be one of the best things that happened to modern literature….

i can say nothing more, and nothing less to you…

Keep penning,

For I want to keep reading,

Warm Regards…

i just completed reading another fucking A book by Irvine Welsh…..he had me with Filth….then i watched Trainspotting….about 2 years after reading Filth…some dude i used to talk to a long time back told me about trainspotting when he saw that i was reading Filth…and then when browsing through the mysterious shelves of this beautiful thrift shop behind my building, i found Acid House……it’s full of short, fucked-up stories, followed by a ‘novella’….

most characters in his stories are drugged, out of their minds, drunk, sick or infected…literally and figuratively….and through their lives, their actions, their everything…you crave drugs, you hate drugs, you fear drugs, sex and rock and roll….you throb with the delights of being a misfit, if you feel like a misfit…you realize that even though you’re a misfit you’re not a misfit, because misfits have their own misfit communities …and you’re never alone, but yet totally alone in this world….even loners got company, but unless you’re a twin or a triplet, or something like that you’re born a lone and will die alone….and even if you were a twin (or of a larger baby clan) you come out a lone…and even if you died in a plain crash you’d die in your own time… his stories you value life, yet think ‘fuck it’…you want to get wasted and fuck everything that walks but you’ll value love and have love-hunger pangs…you’ll forget your perfect or imperfect life….you’ll want to be straight, bisexual, homosexual, a dragqueen, a cripple, a cunt….

and i don’t know about you…but with all of the above, his writing also makes me want to write….i’m inspired by the extreme intelligence, fucked-upness, and humor of his writing….

i wonder if someday i could write something…something that comes from all that boils inside of me, all that soothes me and makes me go crazy and makes me happy…and if irvene welsh would read it…and would find it a decent piece of shite…

i wonder…and i hope…



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