the drug of my choice…

today…it’s rage against the machine……blasting out through ancient speakers that belonged to an even more ancient cpu…it’s almost yellow in colour now, with a fat bootie…’s actually quite sexy……however with our modern surge into size 0 and model behaviour, maybe we like our machine-friends thinner to…..lean, mean, and green… that sexy mama of a pc, with her big ass has got to go to the back of the line….

kidding, kidding…hands down, i know peanuts about technology, and all respect to all the advancements and the sleekness and slickness that’s come hand in hand with the progress we’ve made….

if i had 10 thumbs…i’d give the researchers and creators and creative geniunes ten thumbs up…


i came here to talk about my drug of choice, today…..rage against the machine randoms, and some underoath to tap my more emotional side….besides sometimes, it strikes me as strange that some one who knows squat about politics would listen so intently to political songs….i’m not sure why i do it…..i like how it sounds, i like what they say and how they say it, and i get the psychology behind politics, but i don’t know all the history behind everything that rage against refers to….

i guess that’s it…it’s the psychology behind the politics that makes me want to sway, metal dance, and do a jhinchikajhinchika move to it….

well whatever moves you, moves you yeah?



peace out….

got to hand the little fragile darling of a laptop, to the man with the money….



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