in friends we can find enemies….

in best friends we can find the worst enemies…

and it stings…

and is the enemy in you or them or both parties?

a cold flash passes through the same part of my body that once felt like it there was a never ending flow of warm water…the kind of water that almost seems slimey because of the smoothness in which it flows….and then it gets infested by something natural, something human, and it gets sharp…

but that’s life…everything reaches it’s saturation point, and everything falls back into the beauty of not too much and not too little…and then again it’ll go up, or higher than up….and down and lower than down…and we’ll break, and hate and be enemies….

what shakes some of us in the depths of the frameworks of who we are is the stark contrast between two extreme states….

and this is when you realize just about how strong and stubborn you are…

and this is when you realize to what extent you want what you have to be permanent…

do you want to dive into it or take a detour?

some people like to call such things a test….i don’t believe in tests…but i do believe in wants, needs, necessities and how these things can all be aspects of love, but they are not the only things that make love what it is….


so much left to learn, so much left to know and understand…and so much left to be….so much growth to acquire and so many enemies left to befriend.


and after all, we still got sand in our shoes…


i never knew these guys existed till yesterday…..but the music drew me in and spat me out of a whale…. i like….



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