funny thing about timing

ever thought about how, if you got a call just five minutes, or let’s say 30 minutes earlier, your reply to questions and invitations or suggestions and solutions would be quite different from if they were just a few minutes later?

of course this isn’t always the case….but it so happens sometimes…that in the spur of the moment a tiny little event happens in your life to make big changes in your mind, and thus. change the course of your day….so if some one caught you before or after this happening, they would get two totally different responses from you….

i just find this cool….

what’s also cool is how some of the calls you miss, or were about to make before and after these events could have also totally changed your reaction to these happenings…

if you were just in the right place at the right time to pick up a call or bump into that person, could have changed tears into laughter, indifference into a zest for life, restlessness and irrationality into patience and clarity….

well i guess when you know it…all you do is, pretend that you got to be in that desirable situation and be the person you would be if the desired situation happened as you had hoped it would….

life’s not short or long….but it’s easy to be just wasted away…

ps. is took the pic from this website…the copyright doesn’t belong to me so don’t sue me…—–qpps_791929745355488/


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