old mates

catching up, with old buds …there’s nothing like it……

and when i mean old buds…i mean the ones you’ve known before you got your period…ok if you’re a dude….maybe before you had your first wet dream….and the awesome part is that, even after years of not being able to talk to eachother…..you’re not far from comfort and familiar territory when you meet again…because you’ve established a deep, comfortable relationship, where you guys could talk about pretty much anything…..that and the maturity you acquire over the period you’ve been apart can make you you feel right at home with the first sight of an old mate….

i think that’s beautiful…

it’s like jumping onto one of those awesome, comfy couches…the ones you can just sink into and feel like you’ll be happy forever and ever…..

of course this isn’t always the case…..sometimes things change so drastically, that warmth has the faintest place in the aura that surrounds the two, three, 4 or more of you….

that…well….is like a colder leather couch…the ones you’d find in uptight corporate firms…the ones that make you want to just take a piss and walk away….

i think, however, that in meeting anyone…a significant amount of maturity, respect and love for the years you’ve spent together can break coldness…

of course the other people or person needs to be up for some loving too…


kyuss…..i love how they sound so much…it tingles my heart…the first song i ever heard of theirs….


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