when it’s worth it…when is it worth it?

it’s always the ‘who’ and then the ‘when’….subject and the time….when i write….

it’s a habit….a way to point my finger in some direction…so here goes…again…

we (the who)…often (the when)….repeat things….

mistakes for instance…

but say we removed the mistake label on this action, and placed it in an action towards another person, at another time…would it still be considered a mistake?

example..? here’s an abstract example for an abstract thought…

the first time we acted, it was wrong…because we ended up hurting ourselves…

the second time, we repeated the action, because this time we thought it would be worth it for the person, and again we ended up hurting ourselves…the action is therefore considered wrong…the action itself loses it’s worth…we become cautious and prefer to jsut cancel it out in our minds…

then we come across a new situation…and inevitable repeat this action…we don’t know the consequences as of yet.

or we don’t act just yet…we ponder over whether this time it’s worth taking another risk to be hurt again…

but we won’t know for sure till we try….


this is where i wonder if we are stupid…or we’re naive, gullible, or maybe headstrong in some sense?

i guess in some way, you need to have balls to get stabbed again and again, to give people a chance….


whatever…yeah…i’m going to whatever this away….sing along?


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