often the dreams i have spring from some thought i had during the day….

but often(er) than often, they have no relation to any of thought that i’m aware of…

subliminal is what they say…it’s all a projection of subliminal activity in our human brains…animal brains….

well my subliminal activity then, is clearly retarded…

well i suppose that’s what everyone thinks of their dreams…just plain, strange, crazy, neurotic and sometimes disturbing….it’s funny though…it’s not horror movies that make me fear the night….it’s my dreams and the extent of my imagination…

for fuck’s sake, when i think about it, i’m old enough to be unaffected by moving shadows and flickering lights….and based on my beliefs, i should be able to laugh it all off….

i wonder where all this came from? ages of scary stories, false beliefs fed to me, threats about boogieman and horror movies….whatever it is….i thought rationality could beat ideas that were nurtured into my fresh, supple mind, like it was with others….but i suppose that when ideas get deeply engrained, they kinda stick….like superglue….

hmmm…oh well…morning blah blahs….

such a cool song…


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