what is it with age and conviction….

the older the people that i know are, the more sure they are of the stance they take, of the facts they claim, of the opinions they hold and the truths they tame…(yeah i just wanted to rhyme there…)

maybe it’s the experience…older people are so sure of what they’ve seen and experiences, or have been through similar incidents so many times in their life that they can be confident of these certain things…

so when they want top STATE something…their eyes widen, they get little wrinkles on the sides of their lips, like they’re impressed with themselves , they get wrinkles between their eyebrows as well, and their confidence makes their vocal chords taut, and they state their statement.

ha! and i’m saying this with some level of confidence because of the older people that i have come across….


thing is, you can be sure, you can be confident…

but humility is a priced quality…and i think that however confident you are, you must be aware of your surroundings, and situations and factors that affect the stance you take….and you must be able to accept that you can know and be sure of a lot, but you cannot know and be sure of everything…

ofcourse when stating something, go ahead and do it with confidence, but never fear be proven wrong, never learn to despise the taste of change, and open mindedness and the importance of always and always being open to learn…

i’m not trying to be a wise-ass…you should know by now this space is more for me than anyone else….and as much i spill into the virtual world, these words are for me…and anyone else who chooses to relate to them…

 (if i could reach his vocal range i would kiss myself 24/7 for an entire week)

i hope i learn to be humble

and i never lose the lust to learn

and the openness it requires….



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