said and done

and of all that’s been said and of all that’s been done…some bring about change, something matter….and soemthings fade into nothingness…

those nothingness things…they make you feel devalued…they make it clear that not always will you be given importance…not the ‘i’m the centre of the world’ kind, but not even the one that every human is worthy of….

don’t ask my opinion for the sake of hearing it….don’t talk about compromise if we’re going to do exactly what you want in the end….don’t ask for the path to change if you’re going to find every excuse in the book to not take a step forward….

regardless of how shitty all this makes me feel…in the end, you’re the one who is taking a step back in your life…

granted, your shitiness will hold me back,

granted, it will slow me down,

granted, i will get frustrated and at some point forget where is stand…

but in the end, you’re the one who will look small…because in the end you will die before me…

and then you can sit there and say sorry, like you always do…

but i would have stopped listening to you ages back, so your sorry, your don’t worry, your justification and ramifications will mean nothing…they will be words….and i will devalue your words like you devalued me..

and we, will have nothing left…

just scraps of lessons learned and regret….

now won’t that be a big fucking shame…and a big fucking disgrace?

such a bloody bore…


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