all alright..


the features of leeches that you choose to pursue are such a deviation from what i considered to be common sense…no…common decency..

aiy silly of me…i talk about how there is no formula, or set rules…i feel there is common understanding, which is necessary to a certain extent just so we can co-exist…but then i suppose it doesn’t mean that everyone can still have some basic understanding and respect for each other all the time.

right? right…

how did i relate so well to Ginny from ‘The Behaviour of Moths’? How did i “get” Vinnie, but relate to Ginny?and that too, a woman who was well above her 50s?….it disturbs me…but then again people do also relate to characters like ‘Dexter’ and such. We all ave various aspects to our personalities..and the depth and width of the voids and vacuoles within us, or what we define as “us” is so massive…brilliantly bright…but it can be equally dark…a dark mass, or a mass of brightness with dark crevices…

..ha!..the beauty of topics, emotions, and stuff that can be generalized…you can linger on the subject well beneath the surface and by just missing the right nerves..

anyway, i wrote a lot more, and my internet went anal on me so its all gone…

so i’m going to leave it at this…we’re all familiar with indifference…if not we all will very soon be….the state is not special, it doesn’t make us more human, but perhaps less human…truth is, it’s also more convenient …but it doesnt make us deities…though we may at some points feel like it….it makes us weary old men and women…with rivers in our wrinkles…because the truth is, before this post-storm calmness, we cried like babies…with the same vigor, and vitality, hitting the same decibels…because it was with the same rage, helpless ness…feelings of loss, lack of power, control and the inability to express ourselves…

anyway…in the end…most of the time, it seems like all that matters is the ability to make things look alright…

‘..and you were a silent word upon Life’s quivering lips, i too was there, another silent word. then life uttered us & we came down the years throbbing with memories of yesterday & with longing for tomorrow, for yesterday was death conquered & tomorrow was birth pursued..’


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