and the thought occurs to me, but it does me no good.

the wordiness of your words only goes to further emboss the worthlessness of your oath and your constant devaluation of my everything..such a shame that i grew out of a branch in your path and we are thus intertwined.

and in thinking this, my mind deviates, and falls into thoughts that divide me from you, you the main issue….i’m divided from you and your bullshit “this is between us” words…i’m separated, and in some way emancipated from the realness of the reality that is staring me in my face…it says…very boldly and clearly that you do not believe that i could be anything bigger than the obvious 5 foot 3 inch not-so-thin, frame, with the thick skull and dreamer qualities…your thoughts and beliefs about me are now on billboards in my streets…shining bright in neon lights..screaming, ‘girl, you couldn’t possibly have anything big in mind…girl, and even if you did, they can wait…as always they can wait, because eventually you’ll have to let them fade..”

all that…all these thoughts hit my brain in a flash…and sting my eyes…they only seem of some significant content when i write them down….hence the effort to put my fingers to use…

but the thought that hit me straight after my little emo episode…was…that while i was thinking about how i came out of a branch in his life.. we all sort of come to life as branches in the lives of others…of course, the main branch we stem out of is when two individuals decide to pop a baby out…they take a turn in their lives and we branch out…while they are simultaneously taking other turns…creating other branches…

and then we move on in life…some people and some things we add a little extra devotion to, become branches in your lives..out of which stem out leaves…that grow, and stop there and and fruits….some which will fall and nourish the very ground on which are path/trees of life are based…and our roots dig further into our beginnings for insight and more nourishment…

are our lives merely metaphors for trees? or are trees nature’s metaphors for the basic essence of life in general? a metaphor that can be extended to any life form including human life?

is that really the meaning of the tree of life?

is it less about giving life, and more about the very nature of life? the roots signifiying our beginnings, the trunk our buildup to life, and the branches our paths and detours?

all the more the reason for the tatoo ey? hmm

well clearly there are different uses of the phrase/term..the tree of life…scientific, philosophical and religious and whatnotical …just a thought…a better though…a branch of though..a way to detach …



2 thoughts on “and the thought occurs to me, but it does me no good.

  1. “are our lives merely metaphors for trees? or are trees nature’s metaphors for the basic essence of life in general?”
    that’s a really beautiful thought
    i know this might seem irrelevant but reading that made me think of plato’s description of this world where everything we see is just a reflection of another inaccessible perfect world

    • Far from irrelevant… when you think about it nature seems to have set up the most perfect or practical system i can imagine..that actually exists i mean..or maybe that’s all i can perceive because it’s all we’ve lived with…
      either way…it’s hard not to see reflections of different aspects of life in different aspects of life..we’re human…we need to find links to make sense of things..i think…
      hope that makes sense..
      thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts ghadeer

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