subliminal trust..

books and their themes don’t run their course through my head till much later..

anyway so i was looking at the wrapper of a KitKat i was devouring, and something like “more crispier, more creamier…more something” was written on it. and not quite randomly i was thinking about Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”…cool book, definitely think you should read it if you’re interested in understanding subliminal messages and human understanding and connections and communication etc. (psychological good stuff)

anyway in the book he talks about the 7up experiment, where people were asked to taste the drink. part of the sample of people saw the poster or can with a lemon on it, while the others saw a plain silver one, minus the lemon.

In both cases, no lemon was added to the 7 up… (psychology and it’s foolery..hmm) but those who tasted the 7up after seeing the cover with the lemon on it, reported that the beverage had a tinge of lemon flavor in it..

our mind and it’s foolery..ha!

this blog is not about subliminal messages. but it is linked to that.

i was thinking, if our minds are to take in such information, and adjust our reception and processing of senses, such as taste in the case of the chocolate and drink…then that must mean to some extent we’re all pretty instinctively gullible….or we all, very deeply within us somewhere beyond sense, common sense…we trust our surroundings…and our surroundings are not all natural, or artificial.

and especially when it comes to the artificial, it’s been man-made…and for us to have that degree of trust in our surroundings to subliminally and very obviously effect us, it must mean we have a degree of trust in humans. so we all probably, basically trust each other.

so to some degree we all trust each other…is it fair to say?…maybe it’s just this basic understanding that we all realize from time we are born that all beings are interdependent, and that some how or the other we all affect each other’s lives. we all, in some way or the other, thus rely on each other, for our benefit and sometimes for our loss…but there’s always an effect. and especially in terms of our benefit and survival instinct, we need to understand, hold on and i suppose trust one another.

he thought aloud..and asked….is it trust or is it ignorance?

neither? maybe it’s innocence?some sort of naivety? ¬†innocence driven by a basic drive to survive?

innocence that we give into so as to share common ground with those whom we co-exist? a common ground that is necessary to share beyond the physical terrain we walk on?



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