beauty in the unmeasured..

sometimes you can feel yourself spiral, and the spiraling goes viral…

you begin to unlearn what you’ve learned…

things you knew become things foreign to you..

you’ve go bad habits, and you give into the phase that bad habits die hard…

you never thought your job would be the prime thing that defines you…you never believed in such a thing, but then you lose your job and you feel a loss of identity…

ideas of affection warm your heart but sting your brain…

you want to draw, write, sing and laugh and cry all at the same time…and you spiral on and on… you can’t trust, and stand your ground..

and then you come across something like this:

one of the best ted talks i have heard..

and it brings tears to your eyes…and you suddenly realize its okay….live….it really is okay…live, give in…and just be..


spiral out…keep going…



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