i love words…

how they sound, how they come together to say things, but they can also say a lot just by themselves..

how they have certain ring to them…how the words can evoke feelings…how chocolate sounds chocolatey and irksomeness sounds irksome…

and i wish words could be injected into us..literally, physically…like vaccines, or medication…these ears  and eyes, they don’t suffice in sending in all the required signals to literally engrave and influence a being enough…they are way too selective…and the mind is the next barrier..even more selective…a soul with bulging pockets and an expensive taste…

if words could be captured..somehow…liquified…dried or diluted or concentrated or whatever..and then swallowed like a pill, or like i said earlier, injected into a vein…and their effects on the body cannot be controlled…i mean yeah yeah i know how placebos work, and how your mental state can be so strong that your body resists physiological changes that are supposed to take place.. but i’m talking in general..

so when i need them, i can grab the pill of the right words, and there’s no way my body could resist it’s effect on me…the words would sink in and be immortalized as being part of me…

and when i need, i go back to the source of the words, capture them, process them and pop the next pill…

ha! i can already see a hundred ways this could go wrong…

and a hundred ways this could go right…

the whole earth has never been fully lit by the sun at the same time..

p.s. she asked me to lift my right hand up..and she said ,” but your fate line is so strong”…it’s funny that i didn’t laugh..it’s funny how i’d shove so many pills down her throat..


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