an inch of self-worth : achieved

what i’ve chokes me up…my eyes well up…and it’s okay….because on rare occasions it’s good to know you can feel and hurt and laugh and cry over things that are bigger than you…indescribable by you….they don’t fall in to the categories of all the other things  generally, or by default make people feel and react…

i’ve learnt so much….it feels so good…and i’ve felt more than i can imagine…

there’s so much beauty…i’ve always been aware of that…i’ve seen it…but in the passing years, their beauty became background noise….they still  brought me pleasure but not as much as when i first began to really take in the sunrise, or a cool breeze, or a kid’s laughter, or a hug from a good friend…

and i believed that i needed to find different terrains…different places to experience the same things that filled me with that feeling…and i still believe in it…

but sometimes, in the same dreary settings, within the bends and turns of a concrete jungle in a sandpit you can still find beauty…

and no one…not one person has the right to piss on your parade….not a single soul can break what you’v felt and experienced…and if i want i will sing songs about it, write poems about it, i will revel in the memory on and on, and dance about it…and no one’s assumptions can shake the truth in what you feel, see, hear, smell and taste…and the worst thing would be to let anyone’s anything shake the ground you landed on…

so i’m going to sit here, and tune them out..because everyone deserves to experience the varying degrees of beauty that exist….and so do i..




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