just saying..

i needed to let it out…the concept of free will, in connection to religion,…as in, how this one god has given human beings the choice (like a privilege ) to make the “right” or “wrong” choice is a very convenient concept to put forward to people when trying to manipulate them into believing and respecting the concept of god…a concept to back a concept up….that itself is stupid…cleverly stupid.

it’s different when you’re building a concept…

we all got choices…

and choice is not a privilege…or at least it’s not supposed to be seen as one, in my opinion… it’s every individual’s right. and i highly doubt that it is the “choice” of a divine being to give his/her creations the “free will” to choose right from wrong out of the kindness of one’s supernatural heart or something like it…just so that it/him/ her/ whatever can sit back and watch it’s creations live and die in pain, war, suffering and gradually self-destruct…and if this god did…then it is one sadistic divine sun of a super natural gun.


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