mirroring a better world..

another quote that’s recently “clicked” in my head…i mean it clicked in my own sort of way with my own sort of stream of thought….anyway the quote, “be the change you want to see..”

it barely made sense to me…or maybe it did….to me it was simply that if you want to make changes in the world, around you, you’ve got to lead by example….but why does this example count….

well at some point in my life i was informed that we learn by imitation…. form the time we are born…it’s how we learn the ways of this strange place we fall into….and then we use this knowledge to bend them to suit our lives, or experiences, or personalities…

and even later on in our lives we manage to imitate each other…often unintentionally…notice how people smile back at you when u smile at them…even if there’s no purpose behind it….sometimes you may find yourself acting like a loved one, or friend, or anyone you spend lots of time with you…laughing like them, conversing like them…sometimes when the person infront of you crosses their legs you unknowingly do the same….you get what i’m saying…

i don’t know why we do it…maybe it’s to just literally fit in….it may be instinct….community and belonging has been engraved into us…because especially in earlier times we needed to stick to each other to survive…

but whatever the reason is, i think we definitely do mirror each other…and in that sense…be the change you want to see…does not just pass off as a saying…like a golden rule…but it’s like a scientific fact…

if we want goodness , we need to be good…it needs to spread like a virus…

i don’t mean to sound totally hippy or anything…it just makes sense…imagine…if a whole bunch of us decided to be ultimately pleasant, forgiving, good natured, and just tapped into our decent more human side…and mirrored this onto another bunch of people, then they mirrored it onto another bunch…it would just spread…

i do have to admit, i do dream of ultimate goodness…i have my dark side too…i like the dry, dark humor in things, the thorns in the flowerbed…but not when it comes to my relationship with others…

and i know my dream…is a dream…and even if i think us valuing pride, greed, and stepping on each other to get “somewhere” is a waste of time…when we could live the short spans of lives in peace…even though i know what it is, and what is fact and what isn’t …. i do have a bit of practicality in me…and i think the world doesn’t have to be superbly good and a bed of flowers…but it definitely can be a whole lot better.

and i think it’s worth it to turn the other cheek (but be honest about where you stand), it’s worth it to genuinely hug and smile, to lend a hand, to be honest…these little bits of goodness can make the unpredictability of life and nature a whole lot better….we need to go easy on each other…

mirror beauty, and we’ll have a good amount of beauty…mirror hate and shit…we’ll get hate…and shit..


i might as well say it

peace, love and mirrors…


2 thoughts on “mirroring a better world..

  1. Love this. Yeah, I’ve heard this quote loads, but never thought deeply about how it’s possible because of imitation. I always thought the underlying meaning was -if only everyone thought this way- but I guess I underestimated the power of influence.

    1. i know what you mean….and another thing is that most, such quotes lose their value and meaning with time…people repeat sayings with out thinking about what they really mean..and in the end we’ll all just end up like Will Farrell in Anchorman..”When in Rome”…if you havent watched it g you tooootally should!

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