Pieces of peace

The pain.is so strong that you feel like it’s actually physical…tangible…the muscles running down your left shoulder and arm tighten and your chest stings…you feel like.you’ve.been physically punched on your shoulder and ‘tiger balm’ and a nice massage would help…but.you know they won’t…you’ve had an ample amount of physical pain relief to fend off the truth of the impact.of the.emotional hurt …the day’s weight added one straw after another…but you stayed quite because you’re convinced that its too late and pointless to voice out your pain perhaps because of your previous endeavours in attempting to do so…but you keep your head up and your determined to find peace in whatever comes your way..and you search for his eyes and you find them and you could almoat cry because he’s beautiful and he is peace in every piece..but everything has its time and he needs his time so in the spaces  between his, yours and “our” time you mingle and find peace in comic relief …still straw piles on straw
..but he’s around and so is every piece of peace…but when drafts come in and take pieces of him away and your left with acquaintances and comic relief you dive into..you over do.it..and you’ve added a straw.on his back.. and your chest hurts more and more and you kiss him to keep atleast a few pieces on your lips…but its not enough…the pain is too much…and you must leave…and you wish didnt have to.till you woke up tangled in.him at dawn…removing the one straw from.his back would take a.dozen off of yours…but you can’t because you know there are those who dont want to.see this beauty and at this point fighting them would break you…forget pain…you’d wither like you did several times before and you can’t handle that ..not in this state

the pain is too much… you log onto your space and blurt out what’s on your mind…and before you shut your eyes all you can think of how much the love you share with him is above all of this..

Bless his soul


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