Under understood

To feel misunderstood to thay extent…it’s become an inconvenient truth…i have to admit, I constantly hope…i hope confrontations will arise…i won’t get a nod of the head…but I would really be understood…but… I guess…know one really knows what you feel except for you..
And the inconvenient truth, the fact should also make u appreciate other’s limits..your limits and the level of responsibility you have with regards to how you deal with things in different situations…

i’ve only recently come to realize how much I am capable of giving…and I think its a shame…for my explations or excuses won’t bye me time..

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One thought on “Under understood

  1. I like how you linked those two concepts. It’s true: nobody will understand you as well as yourself. Which also means you won’t understand others as well as they do and the amount you can do to help is limited to your understanding- there’s only so much we can give…

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