weird little happenings

life’s funny in this way…
one day you’re in some “happy family restaurant” (not the only cheesily named restaurant in this country) eating chapthis and curry with an ex and his best friend who shares his name and restraunt and nect thing you know you’re living on ur own in a dingy appartment right opposite ‘happy family restaurant’.

when I ate there, watching out for cockroaches and calories, enjoying some long-forgotten conversation I didn’t think i’d ever live anywhere close to this place…that we’d break up and an ex’s importance in my life would fade and be enhanced at the same time….that i’d be doing what I do now when I was literally jobless..

sitting there thinking of curfew, lies to cover things up, teen-like romance…i’d never think i’d grow up…that I would still be in this place..
being in the same place for too long can bring up some odd feelings…

many things make the oddness worth it…
and he really makes the oddness worth it.

I don’t really believe in a god but in some sense when I wake beside him I feel blessed…

it’s the only reason im such a sponge on those mornings…soaked it in…time to squeeze it out..

I probably look something like this



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