ever run ur finger.through your guitar, or piano..and create a sound pattern that it lightens ur heart…that creates a beautiful feeling in you…like you’re floating…lightfooted…you’re really breathing…in those few seconds when.u play those notes…?

but you never associated that feeling with anything…or anyone…it’s a.phantom feeling…feelings seem abstract and like.phantoms anyway…

but for the very first time this phantom phantom that engulfs me when I play these notes found some roots…roots in someone…and its like I he’s been brought…right here…i can feel him, not.just sense him…

I must be dreaming

honestly, valentines is just another day for the feelings have nothing to do with universal.jibberish (yes I realize how random.that sounds..universal gibberish, geez)

I almost posted this on another day..haha
and where ever I have been today its not like everyone’s been.shoving.hearts, roses and kisses in my face.


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