thinking for yourself

“peripheral,” I said..
she (1) said , “yes, peripheral.”
“and still, we do it,” I said…
and she (2) jumped in, “it’s what we were taught,  from childhood.”

she (1) had began the conversation…and for sure, she gained brownie points from me for being of her age and being brougt up, educated, and married into quite the same surroundings that she (2) and all the.other people in this group had, including me…and quite confidently stating…that all the religious stuff
is peripheral to guidelines.that were probably initially laid out for people to just be good humans that benefit each other and the world …but then they found that rituals would make habits out of the guidlines…and control , power play and greed came in…and the morality in guidlines began to diminish..

just because we were brought up in rituals…doesn’t mean we can’t question them….just because they are tradition doesn’t mean they aren’t questionable..

is it so hard to think for ourselves?…


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