teach me how to fish..

sometime i’m convinced that theres this formula…that everyone is blessed with, except for me…

somehow everyone got this one memo at birth..but when they got to me they were out of copie…and I was out of the scene before they got some freshly printed ones..the memo must have read,
“How to Just ‘GET’ Things” I don’t know how the rest of it went because I didn’t ‘get’ it…and since i’ve been doomed..when i’m in a crowd and a wind blows over everyone know which direction to go (metaphorically speakin)
something clicks…there’s no need to state the obvious…there’s no need to look them right in the eyes and speak slowly, loud and clear.but when the crowd passes and you see one dimwit tying a shoe lace and trying to ‘get’ the message. and it just clicks a bit late…late enough for the click to be useless…

and then if this blessing isn’t enough there are people within this population who get the privelege of opportunities handed to them on a plate that is well polished, if not silver…it’s great…when those who care about you have no qualms in catering to all your needs..and then u have me..sans memo and in a constant tornado of financial mishaps, persistant misconceptions and selfishness of those who care about me.and the pathetic part is not the tornado, that’s all part of life…but knowing that and not ‘getting’ it..is pathetic…

maybe I just think i’m special…the one in a million kind…maybe this is just some form of being full of shit.

even admitting that, feels pathetic…wow, i’m pathetically pathetic…

..i’m grossly unsucessful in all my endeavours…though I endeavour to take up many tasks like hoping to reach somewhere with one.

i’ve changed my methods…picked up and learnt to let go…but something still, just doesn’t click…


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