throw my pancake out the window..

it’s not rare for me to relate to a song or find a relatable’s kind of rare that a song would say what’s on my mind on the very same day I felt it…and what’s even more rare is that it’s not an abstract or depressing song…hmm..feel good times…

pancakes were not involved, but bananas were part of breakfast…that was his touch…

it’s always his touch…the smallest detail that could make or break something…

if the picture’s hanging at an angle, his hand is the one that will set it straight..

if there’s a feather in my hand, he’s the draft which will make me lose it…

for one person to have to that much power bestowed on him with out him even knowing…must be tricky…(kidding…)

many have made me lose my feathers..setting the picture straight…they couldn’t..

but he just had to leave the curtains wide open, didn’t he… hoo humm


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