some of us are so quick to give up on something because the smallest thing goes wrong I don’t know why do we bother wishing for it anyway?

we’d rather not light up the candles again, because someone was 5 minutes later than we thought they’d be….we’d rather not show our talent to anyone because the one person who we thought should have believed in us, didn’t believe in us..

moreover some of us, find it quite convenient to say that things are not ‘in’ us…that we just don’t know how to be or do something rather than take the effort to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and do what we ‘ve set out to do.

for pete’s sake…what would it take….to make us budge…to make us grow…to dumb down the noises and listen and to move before it’s too late…to believe…to embrace to cherish…everything we have right here around us…

and in writing this I ‘ve come to realize that it’s not just one sided…that when it’s the two of us we both need to snap out of the daze and let eachother be…and wholeheartedly accept the embrace when it comes our way…

Tracy Chapman – Change


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