alternatives to pride?

we all make choices…we’re grownups aren’t we?…so we should take ownership of our actions right?

right? bien…gute…

action owned…hence, when the action fails, and I turn to my alternative..i deserve to be rebuked….to be told off…it is fair…my alternative reserves that right…further more, my alternative reserves the right to say ‘no’…

you were an alternative…the safety net….the second, if not the last option…but you welcomed me without asking questions….i tried to give reasons anyway, but you had stopped listening right after I said I needed a place to stay the night…

I can’t forget this…no matter how much hate I have accumulated against you for every burning scar that wrinkle my skin since I was born…i’m finally growing up…and i’m humbled by the things my eyes are opening up to…

i’d tell you this to your face but i’m too proud..very much like you huh…someday i’ll give up the pride..because i’m always striving to be better than you, or rather be a compilation of the best parts of you…plus better and the best of me…and somehow, when you compare our ‘us-ness’ like you always do…for the first time you’ll see how different we are…and you’ll be proud…of me

pumped up kicks – foster the people


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