Killing Yourself (‘ves)

felt like I was standing on the edge of a building….

the last time, I was let go….i thought that would have been like falling off a cliff…i was definitely falling but not on my own accord…i was pushed off…

this was the first time I took to the edge and decided to fall…
and why? because I felt like a not-good-enough some sort of someone…because even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my crippled bits stop me from living and loving…i was falling into the spiral….

who said anything would be easy….
I’m still recovering, and still trying to throw the right things off the edge of the building, instead of me, myself….

I’m learning…I’m becoming aware ..
some of us are inclined to take things personally…so it comes down to asking the right questions..

some of us are inclined to devalue ourselves…so it comes to learning self worth…

I think trust in people, of course and knowing who to trust is the important bit…

and everyone at some point in life is going to get their trust injured so bad that it becomes almost impossible to mend….but it’s important to remember that there is goodness in everyone and everyone isn’t the same…


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