I Apologize for Apologizing

for some of us , manner-conscious, pretty-much-anal-about-being-nice people…’please’,’thank you’, ‘excuse me’, ‘may I’, ‘pardon me’, and the over used, ‘sorry’ are regulars in our day to day expressions/conversations…

and it feels like we have blood on our hands if any of the polite words go unused in the contexts that we believe they just absolutely must…. I don’t know how many of you had to learn the ‘Manner Balloons’ or manner songs and such before we could even say ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, but in some of our cultures, manners seemed directly linked to allowing air to enter our lungs…

On the other hand some of us had it drilled into us…that there are those who are given great respect and those who are none…those who say their ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s fall into the former group and those who don’t fall into the latter group…and the latter will pretty much fail in life….

then we listen to these things….decide to go one way or the other..

next, we grow up…we go from the hotel lobby to the mezzanine…and realize the only formula to life is how you can get yourself ‘in’ into whatever you get into, and after that you can wander round any floor you like….

and you chose to path of ultimate politeness/ filled with mannerisms…you decided that it’s just ‘nice’ to be ‘niceness’ because nice is just so absokutely NICE.

yet you see others swing past you with half the effort it takes for you.to go past the revolving doors…and you think, ‘but I said “excuse me” ….
it doesn’t matter….

it doesn’t matter?

it doesn’t matter….

and you question the point of all your ideas of politeness…and aaah, yes…most importantly…it’s purpose…

that’s when you come across something like this..that makes you want to apologize for apologizing…

Huffington Post – The Sorry Challenge

I love this article…and it’s sunk enough to be applied…

we’re not wrong to use polite words at lobbies or crossroads…but the regular usage of any word sucks the meaning out of it…i realized that’s just the reason why Ace Aventura’s “Spank you” was so appealling and somehow felt more sincere when I was thanking some one dear to me …it was a new way of expressing myself…and since the previous, way was so over-used that it lost it’s meaning…this felt more ‘right’…

it’s good, in a way…words such as ‘bitch’ or ‘fuck’ are barely as offensive as calling someone ‘stained bedsheets’ (i made that up…i’ve heard of no such insult…but I’ll copywrite it if you decide to spread it …kidding…)

but at the same time when it comes to truely expressing our emotions…they may not seem and really just may not be true enough…

have you ever apologized when some one else came in your way and they bumped into you? when I once did, he turned around and asked me, ‘why?’….

it was so automatic that bump=sorry…that I forgot to program or re-evaluate my program when it was someone else’s error…

well it can’t be too late to re-evaluate…


2 thoughts on “I Apologize for Apologizing

  1. It’s so funny that I was thinking about this JUST NOW before I saw this post. Too much of a coincidence not to mean something!

    I was telling myself to stop apologizing when I haven’t done anything wrong. Someone called me for a favour but I was busy and couldn’t do it for her, and of course, ended up apologizing profusely. Why? It’s not like I was obliged to.

    Or sometimes I say sorry just for not hearing a word someone said properly or for many other things that really don’t call for an apology.

    Thanks for the article. I am taking up the Sorry Challenge 🙂

    1. I totally understand…we just need to wake up and be more sensible…i know actions speak louder than words, but we shouldn’t throw words around just like that

      I think we’ll learn a lot from the ‘challenge’…maybe we can meet up someday and exchange notes 🙂

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