Jealousy and It’s Humbling Effects

‘we’re just ordinary people, ‘ said John Legend…said? sang, I mean. he’s right.
but to me , HE’s no ordinary person. but the truth is he is. and I am. and we’re prone to jealousy.
well good old ordinary me is. i’m not too bad at shoving it away. but, but , but, but….when i’m in need of security because my world is still trying to find it’s ground, it’s just harder to manage my jealousy.
but I still try, as I ordinarily would.

and why did I lose ground, because self re-evaluation and reinvention just requires you to sometimes uproot your ass and find yourself up in the sky before reconnect with your roots…

furthermore, when not-so-ordinary HIM find another ordinary person, not-so-ordinary…it makes me automatically value that person a bit more, because I value his opinion.

but in this value given to something a little out of the ordinary…a bit of envy (which some how sounds a little nicer than jealousy) creeps im.

and in wondering about the uselessness of it, and the nuisance that this ordinary emotion is…i had a slightly above ordinary revelation…that jealousy doesn’t just have to cause insecurity, and negativity…it actually can br quite humbling…
and out of humility…comes respect for the other ordinaries and you yourself…

you are another drop in the ocean, as is everyone else…HE saw me across the water and chose join me in the tide….his appreciation of another drop means nothing more than his appreciation of another droplet.

at some point all us will ride a high tide, and all of us will ride a low tide…as all of us ordinarily would. and in these ups and downs, appreciation is vital..respect is vital….we all are just as important as we are unimportant…

I play a part in his life as he does in mine…i can’t be placed upon a pedestal 24/7 for that…neither must he be….and there is no ground in our love than needs to be unshaken if it’s been built on truth…

and coming to trust that and realize that…has melted the prospects of jealousy and replaced it with just simple appreciation…as I think it quite ordinarily should…

John Legend – Ordinary People


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