The Freshness of these Wounds

You know, you live your life, for, say a few decades, and you know that you can’t “know” everything, but you assume that life’s pains would become easier to handle, and there’s only so much pain you can go through.

You’ve lost a family member, had your heart broken, mended family relationships and had them broken again, struggled with living, wanted to kill yourself, been mistreated, raped, abused, beaten up…what not…what ever…

it’s all been done. I mean you know you can’t possible have experienced everything there is to experience, because the size and magnitude of everything is pretty much unfathomable, but still things should get easier.

Then why should a new disappointment, why should a new downfall, or heart break , hurt?

Why does it seem fresh?

Is it because in the process of making ourselves stronger and more immune we change and earn new weak spots? Is it ’cause in different situations things seem, somehow new?

Did Sheryl Crowe sing ‘The first cut is the deepest’ for no reason? sorry…that was lame.


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