If only…

To die with out your faith in humanity and nature being restored, would really suck.

Everyone’s on the face of fhe planet just like you, in different situations and we all in trying to live our lives. So we are inevitably going to nake mistakes to learn and in doinh so we will break each others’ spirits and get our spirits broken. It’s something I think I’ve started to come to terms with. It’s not just that ‘nobody’s perfect,’ but that perfection is relative and it’s pretty much an illusion. I think it’s Hume who said that we combine elements of things that we’ve really seen and experienced to create our imaginations , our ideas, even that of ‘perfection.’

Anyway, I just think that in the pursuit of living our lives in whatever we think is the best for.ourselves, we’re bound to get hurt and hurt people. We need to pick up and work through it. But to have your spirit broken and also lose your life is just too much.

Thing is once you’re broken enough, it’s hard to give anyone a chance to prove you wrong…what then?

You know those people who die being raped, or murdered, tortured…victims of war crimes…or any of the other mishaps of humanity….it feels doubly painful to see things from their point of view. Life began with out them having a choice over it, and life ends the same way, and that too with the burdon of the flaws of someone who got himself caught up in a terribly wrong web….

I’d rather die young enough before I lose fate in humanity
..so that then, nothing needs to be restored…

I’ve been disappointed ( to say the least) n number of times….and I don’t get disappointed easily…and someway or the other I’ve picked up and tried to better my life…but it’s hard to tell how much one can take…till you just take ‘it’ and move on….because at any point, it feels like it’s almost beyond one’s control, one may snap.
I’m not sure how common it is for people to reach ‘the end’…or very close to it…and it seems like everyone will get to that point some day or the other, at least once in our lifetimes…

Is it when we reach that edge that we can’t value the humanity within us and others anymore?

is that when some of us kill ourselves or hurt ourselves beyond logical limits and break other’s souls as well?

I wonder…..
If there was one thing I just wished for everyone including myself was to experience pure hapiness …sustainable hapiness…. And to die with a smile our faces…no matter how naive that sounds…
Underoath – ‘some will seek forgiveness….’


2 thoughts on “If only…

  1. This post hits close to home for me. It’s easier said than done, but balance between choosing yourself and others is important. No one should give up their entire being for the sake of others (anyone who asks you to is not worth knowing), but this world does not become a better place by everyone just caring about themselves. In addition to that, no matter how much you try to do the right thing, you must also learn to be flexible. When you do not get the desired reaction out of someone else it may just be bad a day, as we all have them.

    You also talk about getting hurt and this resulting into a closed off attitude with no trust in others. The thing to remember is how valuable your ability to take chances is. It is a skill not everyone possesses, they never had it or lost it. Taking chances will bring you the worst in life, but also the absolute best. Although the topic of rape and torture is of course the extreme which I thankfully have no experience with, most bad things in life will not destroy you. If you stay true to yourself you are stronger than that. Give yourself a tap on the back for allowing yourself to be in a situation where you might get hurt and remain open others. Although nearly inevitable, the most complicated relationships of any kind come you judging the person across from you for mistakes some one else made. Use your common sense, but be open and be fair.

    1. I agree…I think it’s important to try and attain some sort of balance when it comes to pretty much everything…and the weight and the value of the choices we make in the end are relative to each of us.
      Like you said, it’s important to see things from some one else’s perspective…I thought I did always know how to put myself in some one else’s shoes but in the heat of the moment, and especially when the emotional investment has been high, it’s hard to see the finer details…
      you’re lucky not to have experiences anything too extreme, and that’s a blessing everyone deserves…at the same time anyone with such experiences can only learn to make their experiences their strengths…

      glad you could relate to this post…
      Happy Summer
      (well, we look forward to winter where i’m from, but nevertheless..)

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