in here…out there….

you must be going terribly wrong some where…you’ve been there right? where you know you’re absolutely free to do whatever you please….

you can swear and cuss….you can take this job and leave the other…you can move here and there…you can affect whoever you want…you don’t have to answer to any one….you were there right?

you didn’t have to feel much….you knew people come and go, and you didn’t need to shed a tear….you didn’t have to hug….you could state the value of some one plain and simple….let them know…walk away….and keep walking…with out a single pang of missing anyone…

you were there right? when you felt that your energy was to be focused on people who had no one around them…the rest of the world, with their family, friends, lovers, with blooming and tainted relationships could take care of themselves…

but somewhere along the line you felt that there was value…in tear, hugs, in being vulnerable around those close to you….

and something went terribly wrong….from leaning over to finding a balance, it feels like you’ve tipped over the scale…,

you believe in being free and a bird of your own will, yet you don’t see the value in being too free when you miss out on the intimacy of love….out there it’s not lonely, but in here it’s so full off life…that it weighs out the beauty of everything out there…

but when things go wrong….in here….it feels a lot more lonely than it could ever be out there…


puff out..

Everything Everything – Feet for Hands


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