2 Hours by Road, 9 Seconds by Phone

I hear that song. One of our songs. It’s my ringtone for now. Up until i get tired of hearing the first 9 seconds of the song play, constantly. Well I don’t get that many calls, so it’ll probably be around till I find another song with a catchy intro. Hopefully it’ll be another one of our songs. Our…. Us…..shush….

Pick up the phone, already – he thinks.

i do.

“What you been upto in your little cubicle, two hours away from me?” he asks.

“Nothing….just finished season two of Arrested Development.” I say.

“No. Really?…really!? Woman.”

“Yeah….don’t judge me…”

He raises two arms and one eyebrow and takes a step back. “Not judging, just saying, maybe you should do something else with your time?”

“I do plenty with my time. Like finish seasons of series.” I grin, stupidly and add, “Time I got, Life I don’t”

“You have a life,” he says, defensively. Defensively and sweetly. “You have me.”

I never had you.

I had, and I have us.

You have us.

We have us.

And that’s plenty more than I could have asked for, and plenty I should be grateful for.

But I never HAD you, and you never HAD me. That, my friend is the most worthy insight I have HAD in a long, long time.

Us…Our…2 hours

“You see?”


” Oh did I not say that out loud?”

“Say what?”


“Ok crazy..”

Two hours away. Such a ridiculous distance.


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