Unintentionally Unintentional

Winters are beautiful here…the clouds come closer to the surface and create a warm little soft-box in the midst of the chill…

Winters over here might be the same as summers in most other places….but I love them.

The clouds don’t intend to abandon us through the rest of the year. They just don’t really mean to leave us alone…they don’t intend  to let the blazing sun shine on and burn us in the desert heat. I mean, it is a desert after all, and we can’t expect shade, and cool breezes, and god forbid, rain from a desert. It doesn’t intend deprive us, it just is what it is.

And I suppose it’s the unintentional behaviour of nature that makes some of appreciate it when we get clear blue skies and the rest of us appreciate it when we have clouds…clouds so big, and heavy and rich that those fancy skyscrapers can’t even hide. Mind you, the sky scrapers don’t intend to hide the beauty of the sky either.

And I guess some people are like that. They unintentionally make us cry, make us mad, make us laugh and make us smile. They pierce through our nerves and can be so fucking stupid, with out having the intention to. Each time, like an innocent making a mistake for the very first time in his or her life. And these wonderful people can, at the same time shine with magnificent beauty unintentionally and brighten up our day.

All without intending too.

Maybe it’s upto us to just let them be. Maybe they are really just pure, pure children of nature. Just like nature they just are what they are, the results of something, that was the result of something, that was the result of something else.

But then, aren’t we all? Aren’t intentions themselves, the result of something, that was the result of something…and so on and so forth? Now I would never say that we are above nature, but are we somehow beyond it in some sense, because we can make choices… choices that come out of intentions?  And the simple existence of intentions means that we can choose. 

So, do those who just unintentionally do things choose not to have intentions?

They are not children…it’s not the first time round this path…is it okay to just say, “I didn’t mean to…”?

I don’t know. But as a person who watches out for my own intentions in every act I perform…it’s really hard to let the unintentional be unintentional.

Should one intentionally choose to just accept the supposed innocent…or rather ignorant?

to be intentional or unintentional…that is the question.

I see fire, alright. (and I think this is a wonderful song. I was eager to leave the theatre when the movie was over, but this song is the one that slowed me down)


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