I always disliked labels…but I made allowances for some… partner, acquaintances, friends, family (and by this I do not mean the ones you are born with) and love…

But once I develop the label, I don’t think much about it, because I commit to it. It has become a truth and it would, I figured, stay forever a truth. What I forgot is, change will happen, and my commitment doesn’t come with a ‘Bye 1, Get 2 Free’ tag. As in, just because I’m committed that doesn’t mean the other person will be, and the same applies to them.

Of course, Love and stuff is supposed to be unconditional, so regardless of the tag that the other person puts on it….it should stay the same, right? Right….well…not quite, I guess.

I guess there’s a saturation point. And the unconditional can become conditional if enough damage is done. Oh don’t judge me. I trooped it out long enough. I don’t know why I stuck around. I’ve questioned it everyday. But when it comes down to it, the only truth that rises up is that the love is still there. And today I realized why I question it everyday. It’s because it now, it is conditional. And that just doesn’t fit my initial label. Something feels wrong. Yet something is right. (I’m sure I may have other reasons, but I’m also sure that the fear of loneliness is not one of them)

So what is wrong now, is that the label has changed and I need to acknowledge that.

But I couldn’t even guess where we’d go from here.

He’s walking on a thin line. I’m walking on thin air.


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