Introducing “Us”


We are two, 25 year old ladies who always had maintained a list of things we’d like to do before we die. Unfortunately we’d barely ever tick things off because, well, death, although inevitable, seems kind of far away unless your life is under some kind of threat.

So, in order to actually put our bucket-list into action we decided to create a “Before 30 Bucket List”. It’s strange, but hopefully 30 is really going to hit before death does, and it seems like it will push us accomplish more.

This is Us.


We have 5 years, to get this list done. Some thing on the list are exclusive to just Hina or me (Nushi) but the main idea is that we do the things we always wanted to and support each other.

 This is our list (front to back)

IMG-20140409-WA0005 IMG-20140409-WA0004












Also, the list dates back to way before I decided to document our happenings in this blog, so somethings on the list have already been accomplished…(details, of which will follow soon)

Till then, Ciao!



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