Just the Road Works

Sometimes our own life experiences don’t provide enough insight into how we can better our lives and ourselves.

I was on the phone with her, when I realized how stuck she probably felt. Debts to pay, in a foreign country and these debts are not even her own, her mind, fixated on norms that belong to an old world. She doesn’t move because she doesn’t think she can. She feels stuck, she acts stuck. But is she really?

Are we ever really “stuck”?

The possibilities may not look endless, but is that just based on our perspectives. Sometimes the solutions are slow, they may take months, to years, but we can make changes happen. Always.

I decided that I would never let myself feel stuck. If it’s in a house, a country, a relationship – movement can always happen. Movement doesn’t mean ending things, unless, of course they have to be….movement is letting go of something and making space for something else. Movement also is evolution. When leaving isn’t an option, engage in the ability to change your surroundings. This is the toughest, and may also be the slowest, but it isn’t impossible.


We shouldn’t allow he word “stuck” be used for anything but when talking about taping up pages of an old book, or that big blob of super-glue that leaked out onto your finger. And when that feeling inches in…when you feel like you are about to blurt the words, “I’m stuck,” don’t think of it as a road block,  but just roadworks. Things can move on, and there will always be a detour that we can take.


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