How To Fall Out of Love

1. It is very important to not make eye contact.

Eye contact, leads to words, and words lead to feelings, feelings are bad.

The goal is disconnection.

You don’t want to hate them, you want to not care about them. There’s a difference.

2. Avoid proximity.

If they are going left , you go right. Proximity, could lead to eye contact, eye contact could lead to words, and as established above words -> bad.

3. I’d like to tell you what a trap social media is but who are we kidding, you won’t quit it. So quit them.

Unfriend the shit out of them (and maybe their friends, or your common friends). You should have the numbers of the friends that really matter, so there’s no need to keep them on social media where you can stalk your ex- lover /love interest through their photos.

They don’t get notifications for that. And even if they find out, really does it matter?

You need to not care. And till you get there, you don’t need reasons to maintain care.

4. Distractions are your best friends.

Wait, your friends are your best distractions. But if you don’t feel like you have friends, just know that I’m a person that names tables and chairs.

Your couch – distraction. Sleep on it, reupholster it.

Your kitchen- distraction. Learn every recipe from continent to continent.

Your balcony – distraction. Clean it, out a chair out there, add some fairy lights.

5. Chuck the memorabilia

Chuck and chug. Get that Lambanog (Filipino drink of death, in my books) , get those old photos and thingamys and for every 5 items that go in the bin you take one big swig of your drink.

Alcohol is antiseptic after all. Disinfect that system of yours.

You’ve got this. If you’ve got to move on, you have got to move on.


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