Worthy Is A Six Letter Word

They insisted that I make a password.

I didn’t want to. I don’t want to do much these days.

I get late to work, my eyes go blurry when I’m driving because most songs make me cry and I force myself to smile.

But everyday, I fake it till I make it. And I do make it.

But then it’s 6.30 a.m. again and the miserable clock resets.

And they wanted me to make a password and I could not have been fucked. But they insisted.

I insisted. I have nothing special on there, but no, they were persistent.

I’m couldn’t be fucked to fight. Fine.

I thought of a number combination, but I knew I’d forget it. Then I thought of using a word. The only word that came up in my head was “worthless”.

“You’re a worthless piece of shit.”

And stupidly, without thinking, I went on to try and type out “worthless”.

9 (W)… 6 (O)… 7 (R)… 8 (T)…4 (H)… 5 (L)… 3(E)…

3…. 3… 3…

I snapped out of my daze and realized that I could only have 6 figures in the password. They should have told me at the start. I would have come up with something else.

So I deleted 3 and hovered on 5, thinking of how to end it. Then I deleted 5.




They asked me to hurry up.

Y? 9?

I guess?

9 (W)… 6 (O)… 7 (R)… 8 (T)…4 (H)… 9 (Y)… ?



I guess I’m worthy.


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